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Bollywood has always glorified women's harassment by calling them as heroic. This love story reveals the truth about harassment and criminal consequences.

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Come learn how Keshava showed his love for Jayaa.

A village lover boy with the perfect plan.

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A young educated village girl.

When Keshava met Jayaa it was love at first sight.

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And he knew there was no love story without a fight.

His love was so strong he had to follow her all day long.

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Taking pictures of her from afar, to keep her closer to his heart.

And video from near, because he felt closer to her.

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He even climbed trees to capture more memories.

But one fateful day Jayaa noticed Keshava following her.

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And finds out about the photos and videos he secretly took of her.

So she starts gathering evidence to report him.

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And the police arrives to arrest him.

Because stalking is a crime, Keshava now faces jail time.

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Real heroes don't harass women

Know your rights

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