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Mann Ka Malhar

In this series of artwork I have tried to portray 3 phases of rain: before the rain, during rain, and after rain. I have tried to show the sync between nature and humans, how they are all connected and its impact when they come together to play a harmony of re-birth.

Mann Ka Malhar: Image
The Song of Rain.jpg

The Song of Rain

"It’s going to rain soon,
As nature awakens
With the sound of Malhar.
The orchestra of wind,
blowing through the trees,
Builds the whisper of nature itself."

Garden of Bloom

"Looking up at the grey clouds,
We open our arms, for hope to pour
As the rain falls,
Showering the same crown on all
Letting everyone bloom equally."

Garden of Bloom.jpg
Starting Over.jpg

Starting Over

"The art of rain is powerful,
As it shatters the silence of earth
Leaving behind the sweet odor of wet mud,
For us humans to start over again."

Mann Ka Malhar: Team Members
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